Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catch up

Just a few things I want to share:

If you have any Gifts To Grow points from Pampers, I think you have to use them by Sunday. I just found out about this program, but evidently you can use stocked up points to donate vaccines to underdeveloped countries. Just in case you have any old Pampers bags lying around...

I just found this cool website called Signal Patterns. It has a personality and music survey that you can take. There is also a parenting survey (evidently, I'm "Totally Tolerant"). It's kinda a fun way to kill time.

I am walking in the American Heart Association's Heartwalk on April 18. It's supposed to just be a really fun day with a lot of family stuff to do. I would love it if anyone wants to join me or donate to this great cause!

1 comment:

  1. I was nervous about the Pampers points, I have so many built up. I checked and they have extended the program until March 2010. Yay!


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