Monday, May 19, 2008

Zoo Day

Finn's napping! Yay! We woke up early this morning AND went to the zoo, so I was really hoping he would be tired out enough for a nap. We go to the zoo nearly every week as a way to get out of the house, but I think we may start going less. It's getting much hotter and it will be crawling with people since school will be out soon--Another reason I am so glad we got our new swing set! It makes staying home not as boring. I think we will have to start having more playdates at our house. It's so much easier to carry on a conversation when you aren't pushing a heavy stroller up a hill!

We went to the zoo with our friends Nicolette and Sawyer, and with a friend from my mom's group, Becca, and her kids, Hailey and Tyler. All the boys are about the same age. It's so neat to watch them interact and see the differences in their personalities. I think the greatest part of parenting is just watching your kid's personality grow. I was thinking the other day "Is every kid as cool as mine?" and when we all get together I find out that, yes, they are. The way that Finn acts when we hang out with other kids is interesting too. He is a very independent, outgoing, loud, party guy (at least I think) and so for some reason I naturally assume he would be more of a an "instigator" personality, but when we are around other kids, he watches them and copies what they do. Like, when Sawyer makes a certain noise, Finn will start making it too. That happens a lot. It's interesting to see this "mimic" side of him come out around these kids. It's like a psychology lesson--the beginnings of socialization.

Anyway, I think we will just be relaxing the rest of the afternoon. I have some laundry to do (I hang it on the clothes line in the summer) and I will probably try to weed my garden a bit more. I haven't decided if I'm going to cook tonight or go for hamburgers (with a side of onion rings--it sounds so good!). If anyone is interested, you can go to for tons of recipes and even can sign up for their free magazine. They mail it out 4 times a year and it has a TON of easy recipes in it with minimal ingredients. I use it a lot!
My clothesline

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  1. I love your clothes line and your new background.


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