Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We had quite a weekend! I went to work on Friday and came home to a broken air conditioner! We sweated it out for a day and then got it fixed Sunday morning. It wasn't so bad at night, but during the day it got really hot! We had already bought tickets to go see Indiana Jones on Saturday afternoon and I felt so bad having my mother-in-law come over to babysit in the heat! We went to this really cool new theater on the southside. They have a huge screen and a balcony where they serve you drinks, meals and dessert. It was really a treat! We just ordered a sundae, but we should have gotten a meal. It was so cool. However, it was kinda far away and expensive, so we'll probably just go for special occasions.

Sunday morning we called the a/c repairman. Scott wanted to wait until after the weekend since he thought it would cost double, but it didn't end up costing extra at all! We should have gotten it fixed a day earlier! After that, we went up to Best Buy to FINALLY buy a new computer! We've been on the fence about this for so long. Our old computer did everything we needed it to, it was just really slow! It took so long to boot up or open files. I think I bought it my first year of college (8 years ago!). It's so nice to just push a button now and instantly be on the internet!

Sunday night I wanted to have my in-laws over as a little "thank-you" for babysitting and so that we could have a little Memorial Day party. I made some enchiladas from a recipe that I got from Kraft that were super good. I don't really like enchiladas because I don't like enchilada sauce, but this recipe doesn't use it. They were really easy too. I made a pretty easy cake from Kraft too.

We've done so much to get ready for the baby. I think I'm going to enjoy the summer alone with Finn, but I am starting to get anxious to have her. It's going to be a lot of fun! I learned so much from having Finn and I've started applying that already. For instance, we bought a bassinet for her that also a co-sleeper. That will be so helpful. I can wheel it around the house or even outside. It's really the little things that make it so much easier! Here is a picture of it:

Finn has been in LOVE with wearing hats lately too! He's even been sleeping in them! He's actually been quite cranky lately. I think he is getting his back molars in though. Also, he's been getting an awful diaper rash on and off. I suspect it is from all the raisins I have been giving him. It always seems like after he eats a box he gets irritated. I'm going to try cutting them out and see what that does. We are going to have a little playdate on Wednesday and I really hope it doesn't continue to rain or else the backyard is going to be very muddy. Besides my mom's group, I have a group of friends that I get together with on a regular basis for lunch or the zoo, etc. My vision is that it will be warm and dry enough for us to sit outside and watch this kids play while we just sit in hen circle and gab. However, since there are kids involved, it will probably not be this idyllic.
I got some cute videos of Finn over the weekend too. This one is him stealing Scott's cell phone and it shows his great mastery of the word "no" (and, yes, he actually DID end up texting someone):
Anyway, since Finn is ACTUALLY napping (yippee!) I am going to go play around with my new DVD burner! Hopefully I can start recording all the home videos I have!

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