Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I think I forgot to mention that Scott was recently transferred to a closer store. This is great news since gas is killing us! He now drives less than half the distance he did before AND we can go see him for lunch! Unfortunately, he has his work cut out for him. He is at an older store now and there is a ton of work to do on it. All the equipment is older and he also just has the great task of integrating himself into a new workplace. It's been somewhat of a stressful week for him I know. Fortunately, everyone there thinks he is a super great boss because his predecessor was somewhat of a jerk.

We had our playdate today. It started out good, but ended with poop on the floor (courtesy of Finn). What more can I say? You read about these things happening in mommy lit to the stressed out housewife, but then when you have a kid, you find out they are totally true--at least for me anyway! Finn was not feeling the playdate either. About halfway through he started crying and being generally distressed. I've suspected that something has been going on with him lately. He's had really loose stools but I thought it was just because I have been giving him too much fiber (raisins, etc). I thought it might be from teething too, but the Orajel I was giving him didn't seem to make a difference, so I wasn't sure if that was it. Turns out his teething is just THAT BAD. He's gotten some new molars in up top and I guess the bottom ones are coming in too. Molars are the worst! He's been cranky when teething before, but not like this! And not with the diarrhea too! I hope that the leak that happened today was from the consistency of the poo and not because of the new diapers I just bought. (I got them in last night and they are super cute! I'm going to go buy some more!). Anyway, I think for the rest of the summer I am going to limit my playdates to just one person so that my embarrassment will at least be somewhat smaller. Also, it seems that Finn doesn't really like having a bunch of people over. As soon as it was time for bye-byes he perked right up! The little guy is going to have to get over it though. Good thing he's having a sister so he can learn to share the spotlight a little.

Anyway, I snapped a few pics of him with his friends:

Finn putting on shoes
Starla, Tonya's daughter. She is only a month younger than Finn and she is super cute and girly!
Becca, Melissa, and Tonya
Hailey and Tyler, Becca's kids. They are amazingly well-behaved children and we love having them over!
Roman (Tonya's son), Bradley and Aidon (Melissa's boys) playing video games. They are also great kids.

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  1. I am so sorry I missed it. But maybe it was a good thing if Finn was already overwhelmed :) Poor guy, I hope he feels better soon!


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