Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Day Cookies

Sooooo, I know, I suck at blogging lately. Honestly, I'm working just as hard as I ever have at projects. I just don't really feel the need to share them as much. It makes me realize that most of my blogging endeavours were fueled by a not-so-little need for validation. You know, the whole "look what I made! See how useful I am!" sort of thing. I'd probably say I should explore this with a therapist if I didn't feel like I was already over it.

Sort of. I mean, I'm not shutting down or anything. I just need to get off my butt and take more pictures (and then upload them, write about them, etc.) Maybe I'm just being lazy.

Anyway, I saw these on Pinterest:

(originally from Poppy Cove)

I wanted to make them for my son's Thanksgiving feast at school tomorrow, but OF COURSE, all candy corn (that I could find anyway) is made in a factory that is contaminated with nuts. We don't personally have a nut problem, but the classroom is nut-free. So I improvised with:

Mike & Ike! And homemade icing and chocolate chips. I originally bought:

But before I started decorating, I noticed it said "Does not harden for stacking" and knew it would be a big messy mess.

So, yeah, mine aren't as cute, but they're a good nut-free alternative!

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