Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To-Do List for January

I'm having some serious guilt over not posting pics and tutes on everything I'm making right now, but I just can't. My wonderful mother-in-law is a teacher, so she's agreed to watch my little ones while she's on Christmas Break from school so that I can work full-time for these 2 weeks. (So I can pay off the vet bill for this cute little lady). But, through the magic of the Internet and linky parties, I CAN still make a list of things I want to make as soon as my 2-week working bonanza is over and I get back to normal life. Here's some of the great ideas I've found so far:

How awesome is this? I wish I had seen this for Christmas, but I'm sure she'd still like a New Year present right?

Clay Pot Soldier (for next Christmas)

Bandanna Quilt (for the picnics I never have)

New Potholders (aren't these cute? I'm thinking some sort of coffee print)
And I need some new dish towels. Mine are old old old and worn out. I think these are super cute.

Circle Art--probably not going to get this done this month, but I want to do something similar in the near future.

No-Sew Shirt Refashion--I've been searching my closet for a too-large shirt. Unfortunately they are mostly too-small (thanks a lot pretzal hugs!), so I guess I'll have to buy one just to make this.

Jewelry Board--my current one is about 10 years old and from Claire's. Which inherently means it is covered in glitter.

Under Bed Fort--Finn has a captain's bed, not a bunk bed. But he still loves playing down there. This would be perfect!

Last, and certainly not least (in fact, it's priority #1) is to make this Anthro-Inspired Bedding from KoJo Designs. I have seriously neglected my bedroom and I have a few other projects in mind too. Hopefully my friend Nicolette and I can have a quilt-along together on this one!

Also on my list:
Some sort of hanging sewing organizer for over my sewing station
Update the picture frames in my bedroom
Put together a new note station in the kitchen
Create a way to display my kids' artwork in the playroom

Think I can get it all done? Of course I can! I'm sure I'll be adding to it as well. It's not even January yet!

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  1. I copied you, and posted an 11 Projects in 2011!

    I'm giving you a Stylish Blogger Award! Come and get it from my blog!


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