Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Teacher Appreciation

My first child started school this year and I admit, I've been a little overzealous when it comes to participating in school activities. One of the other moms even told me that I'd soon be burnt-out if I keep going like I am. I'm not quite there yet, but I am glad that Christmas break is coming up and I can have a little downtime from the school.
The latest thing I've done is volunteer to co-chair the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon. I really have absolutely no recollection of signing up to do this (although I don't doubt that I did). I'm sure I must have thought I was signing up to HELP with the luncheon, because I would have to be out of my right mind if I consciously signed up to help CHAIR it.
Anyway, no worries. Despite the fact that I've never done this before, have no idea what I'm doing and it's on the one day a week that I work, I think I've actually pulled it together. The other co-chair didn't realize what she was signing up for either and said that she couldn't actually even be there, BUT she works for a great fast-food chain and can provide all the food. Score!
Therefore, I've had to put together the rest of it. This means: calling mothers to help volunteer (out of the hundred or so parents at the school I've gotten 5. FIVE.), buying tableware, getting together some sort of gift for each teacher and making decorations. I've had 2 months to do it, so it isn't exactly awful or anything.
Here's what I came up for for the gifts:

Aren't these the cutest mugs? You probably can't see, but they say "Write your own story" "Take some time" "Shine" and "Discover." They were only a dollar at Michaels! Each one is filled with candy and a gift card to Sonic (we are deep in Sonic country 'round here).
I wrapped them in Christmas gift bags (hard to find much else this time of year) and added a homemade gift tag.

And finally, I made a banner for the room.
It should be a nice luncheon, and thankfully, hubby will be around to help me clean up!

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