Monday, December 15, 2008

Steppin' Out

Scott and I went to my work's annual Christmas party. It's a pretty nice affair, so I always look forward to getting dressed up. However, this year we had a thoroughly awful time! We couldn't find the new place they were having it at, and by the time we did, I was in a pretty terrible mood. Then, we were sort of late because we looked for the place for so long, so almost all the tables were full--at least all the ones with people I knew. I had arranged to sit with a certain person, but I couldn't find him, so we ended up sitting at a completely empty table so that I could save my friend a seat in case he showed up. The waitresses were even cracking jokes to us ("What, did you tick everyone off?"--Oh yes, I nearly slapped her in my bad mood). So what did Scott and I do? We wolfed down our entrees and snuck out to the movies! We went to see Four Christmases, which really wasn't that great, but I figured it was better than sitting at our empty table being pityed! So much for my big night out!
Here's a cute pic of Kinley all bundled up to go out shopping:

And here's Finn in the little diaper "bed" that he made last night. Kids do the weirdest things!:

There is such a cold front moving in! We went to the park yesterday around noon and it was beautiful! After about 30 mins, however, a big wind came up and it instantly got 10 degrees colder. So strange! Finn's been saying the strangest things lately too, espiecially when he's mad. He got angry that we left the park, so he was yelling at me in the car and said "Mommy! Go Home! No! Go to Work!" It kind of made me laugh! He doesn't know what "work" is, but I guess he figures we are gone, so he wanted me to go there! He is always trying to boss me around about where to go. Half the time in the morning, I go into his room and he yells "NO NO NO, GO!" and wants me to shut the door so he can continue playing/reading/tearing apart his room. I need to teach him to say "Mommy, I would like to play alone a bit longer, so can you please excuse me while I shut the door?" Wouldn't that be polite? :) LOL! No doubt, Finn has definitely been acting like a 2-year-old lately.

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