Monday, December 8, 2008

Here it is...

This is about the closest we've ever gotten to getting Kinley to smile on camera:

And here's just a funny one:

She rolled over today! I missed it because I was talking to the cable guy, but when I turned back around, she was on her face! She's been sitting up a lot in her Bumbo chair too. We got her an exersaucer for Christmas and she'll no doubt be ready for it!
I've been making Finn play outside a lot lately since the weather is still warm. He has a huge box of chalk that he loves to draw with outside (thanks Leah and Noah!). He's definitely a righty! Kinley might be a lefty though, she is ALWAYS chewing on her left hand! Anyway, I was trying to think of ways that I could teach Finn Spanish. He is just such a sponge and absorbs EVERYTHING! He already knows how to count in Spanish and I don't even know where he picked that up (Dora I guess, but we haven't even been watching it lately). I think I'm going to focus on teaching him Spanish words this winter and also on letter sounds and recognizing words. He already knows most of the letter sounds, but I thought I would start pushing the letters that words start with. It's so amazing how much he loves reading! He always has! Starting when he was about 1, he began recognizing all the letters and loves any toy or book that has to do with the alphabet. Anyway, I don't mean to go on about it, but I just wonder if it has to do with the fact that I've read like a maniac to him since birth, or if he just would have liked it anyway? It's definitely his "thing."
Here's a couple more cute pictures! I love Kinley's Christmas tree bow!:


  1. Reading to kids makes a huge difference, but he could have been predispositioned to love books anyways! But there have been a ton of studies that show reading to kids at least 15 mins a day increases their reading levels and vocabulary by leaps and bounds. Which is why I still read to the boys, when they are more than capable of reading by themselves!

  2. You can't teach someone to love reading. My mom and dad read to all of us kids, all the time... but only two of us LOVE to read, the other two hate it. But at least we all had high vocabulary and reading levels :) BTW I LOVE that last picture!


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