Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Raining Babies!

 Okay, they aren't quite pouring down from the heavens, but pregnant women are coming at me left and right. I have 3 close friends and a sister that's preggers right now. I can only pray that they name their children something that is easy to applique!

My work friend has already picked her baby's name (so convenient for me), Elissa Joe. Pretty adorable huh?

I whipped up some burp cloths for her. This was actually the first project I used my embroidery machine for:

A few hair do dads:

And a super soft minky taggie toy:

I wasn't entirely sure I would have time to make her a blanket, but this one was so super simple and I knew the fabrics would look so cute together, I just couldn't resist! This is one of my vintage sheets, with a backing of the same super soft rose minky.

Man, do I love this minky!

(It isn't technically a quilt, since I didn't use batting and I only tied it with yarn in a few spots)

I wrapped it all up in a personalized bucket with a little shrink wrap.

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  1. This is such a gorgeous gift bucket!Everything is lovely, well done on the embroidery!

  2. everything looks great! What an awesome gift : )

  3. That is one lucky baby! I love that vintage sheet blanket, and those burp cloths are the best! You are so talented.


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