Sunday, August 15, 2010

Super Mario Birthday Party

I haven't been posting much lately because we've been getting ready for Finn's big party! He requested a Mario/Bowser birthday, which is kind of hard to get supplies for, so I got a lot of ideas of the internet. Here's the spread: I painted some styrofoam blocks to look like bricks and I got all the mario figurines off of ebay. We served pizza (italian for Mario), chips and sodas.

Mario-kart figurines for decoration:

I got the sign off ebay as well:

We took white balloons, colored in ghost faces and put paper "wings" to look like Boos (I got the idea here):

Bowser pinata (also from ebay). I thought the kids would like giving Bowser a good whack:

Finn said he wanted to dress like Bowser for the party, but it's nearly impossible to find a costume. So, I made him this Bowser turtle shell out of felt. However, he said it was too scratchy to wear at the party:

He got a hat as well:

For an activity, we made up an obstacle course in the backyard. The kids with the fastest time won a prize (we did an over and under 5 set):

I originally was going to get a cake with a race track and then put the Mario-kart figurines on top, but Finn kept asking for a Bowser cake. I knew that would be hard to find, but I printed out a picture of Bowser, colored it in and took it to the store with me. They said they could imprint the image right on the cake!:

Each kid got a Mario hat and mustache. I made the hats from foam and I bought the mustaches from

Finn opening presents with his sister:

We also had a Yoshi egg hunt that I forgot to take pictures of. I bought some white easter eggs (and mixed in a few colored ones too) from and then got a green paint pen and drew spots on them. Then I filled them with candy. In a few, I put a gold star, which meant that you won and extra prize (mushroom keychains I bought off of ebay). I also hid a mini-Goomba in the yard (also from ebay) and whoever found it won a prize too.

Here's Finn hitting the pinata:

Finishing it off:Getting the goodies:After the party, Finn decided to impersonate a Chip N Dale dancer:

Playing with new toys:
And, finally, here's a video of the birthday song:


  1. Hee hee, LOVE the chip-n-dale attire, lol. The party was awesome, my kids loved it, and Starla has been carrying around her pink mushroom keychain all weekend and talking about how she loves it! :) You rocked this party momma! Way to go!

  2. it was such fun liz! you obviously put so much thought and care into everything and i know finn felt loved. thanks for including us!

  3. Looks like someone had a great time! Very creative!


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