Monday, August 30, 2010

School Time

Mentally, August has been hard. I have to prepare two kid's birthday parties and deal with the fact that my kids are another year older. On top of that, this year I had to get used to the idea that Finn is going off to school.
I wanted to label his backpack (still a big Batman fan, you see), so I used the Sizzix that my aunt passed on to me to make a cute laminated label. (It looks a lot cuter without the last name letter blacked out--would you believe that in a class of 10 there are TWO Finns?!)I've never done this whole teacher thing before, but I'm no dummy. I know I need to be on her good side. Therefore, I plan on bearing gifts the first day. Something for the hands, probably lotion or sanitizer. Here's the packaging that I've already made up:
Excitement to freaked out ratio: 50-50

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