Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I kinda feel like an ass. I'm trying not to go too far into drama-queendom by lamenting how much at I am fault, but you just feel that way when your toddler breaks her leg. That's right. I said broken. Kiki is in a cast. A hot pink water-proof cast, that is. Nothing but the best for my little baby.

Here's the story (I must document it for posterity, of course): We were at a local indoor bouncing place and Kiki and I were playing inside one of the inflatable toys. Her and Finn both generally love these kinds of places since they are so active, as evidenced by the broken leg. I took her to the top of one of the small inflatable slides and sent her down. Now, she usually does the large slides all on her own. She's sweet, but she's a bit of a thrill-seeker. The problem this time was the slide was pretty steep. She zoomed down and crumpled. I thought she wouldn't stop crying because she was scared, but after about 10 minutes I knew something was wrong. The fact that she wouldn't put any wait on her leg was pretty convincing evidence as well. A car ride, an doctor visit (luckly my pediatrician saw us and we didn't have to go to the ER), and an x-ray later confirmed it. Broken leg.

Now there is an upside. We are going to have to slow down for a few weeks. I think in the snowy madness we've had lately, I've gone a little crazy making sure we get enough physical activity. With somewhat disastrous results (there's that drama queen thing). Also, everything is a learning experience. Here's what I've already learned: 1) Have better judgement on what a 1-year-old can handle, and 2) my girl is a trooper! Except the 30-40 mins of wailing before the Motrin kicked in, she hasn't really cried once. She let the doctors poke her, she took an x-ray and she's been chilling in front of the TV on pillows with grace. Now, I can't guarantee that will continue, but for the moment I think she can handle it. That's my girl.


  1. Ah, poor baby. Don't beat yourself up though, it could happen to anyone. Mommas aren't perfect, and we have to allow ourselves forgiveness for that fact! Let us know if you want company while she is hanging out at home healing! :)

  2. We all feel guilty when anything happens to our kids. You were not being an irresponsible mom, you were trying to have fun w/your kids. They are going to get hurt at some point no matter what we do. At least you're letting her be a kid. When Preston broke his foot last month I made him go to gymnastics practice and work out for 2 hours. I had no idea but felt horrible when I found out. You will be surprised at how resilient she is and how fast she adapts to her cast. I'm betting it won't slow her down a bit!

  3. Awwww. I don't know many adults that could handle a broken leg.

    Also, you and Scott make the most adorable babies (water-proof casts and all)!


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