Thursday, February 25, 2010


Finn is WAY too obsessed with Lego Batman at the moment. When he says really cute things I can't help but let him play:

Finn: Can I play Lego Batman, pleasepleaseplease?!
Me: Finn, mommy feels really sick right now and I think we should just sit here and stare at the walls.
Finn: OH-kay (sounding defeated). I'll just go play Lego Batman.

Finn: I think I need to potty.
Me: Put down the controller and go to the potty.
Finn runs from room, brings potty back in front of game.
Me: Why don't you just potty in the other room, the game is paused.
Finn: I like it. I want to potty in front of Lego Batman.
Me: Fine, just go *sigh*
Finn: Um, can you guys leave? I need some privacy.

My favorite is after asking all morning if he can play, and having me tell him repeatedly no, that I need to at least wake up a little and have some coffee, he corners his dad in the dark hall and whispers, "Hurry Dad, in here, now's our BIG CHANCE."

How can you say no to that kind of devotion?

1 comment:

  1. Hee hee. :) It only gets worse as they get older. I swear thats boys brains have rotted playing so many video games, lol.


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