Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spray Park and Other Summertime Fun

The spray parks will be closing soon! So sad. They really are so much fun. You can get wet, but without all the hassle of a swimming pool! We went to one today and had a great time. I even met the nicest grandmother with her little one-year-old granddaughter. It just goes to show how you can meet amazing people when you open up a little.
Here's Kiki doing her crab walk around the park. She hates to rough up her knees! Finn loves the water! He could spend all day in it.Otherwise, we've been doing a whole lot of nothing lately. I feel like I wait all year for summer to come around, but when it does, the heat is so bad and the bugs are so big that we just stay inside. I'm dying to go to the zoo, but not in 100 degree weather. For the last few weeks, we've just been hanging out inside, watching Mamma Mia. I do occasionally take Finn for bike rides however. He pretends he's on some sort of adventure when he's back there. Very cute. The bike trailer is supposed to fit 2, but I'm not sure if I put Kiki back there if both will come out alive.

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  1. We have one of those trailer things too, I can't wait to take Sawyer out in it again. Hopefully this fall when the weather is cooler. Maybe then we can meet up at the lake and take the boys on a bike adventure!


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