Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finn 3.0

August is a huge month in our house. Both of the kids have their birthdays this month. Finn is first, of course (as he is in everything). I suppose this means that we officially got through the Terrible Twos! In retrospect, Finn probably had a tougher year than we did. He gained a new sister and a new house! He really handled it all very well though. Here's a list of what Finn has shown me in the last year:

  • He's an amazing big brother. Of course, he frequently pushes, bites, kicks, hits and yells at his sister without reason, but he's really working on controlling his competitive impulses. He's probably said "Can you please move Kinley (or "Quinney" as he says)" more often than he just pushes her out of the way now. And I will never forget that the first time he met her he gently gave her a kiss on the head instead of freaking out. He's certainly a loving guy.

  • My son is so strong willed! He is no pushover. If he doesn't want to do something, he will let you know. And no amount of begging, bargaining or chocolate will change his mind.

  • Finn has a stomach the size of a peanut. Two bites and he is good for the day. I always say he is a picky eater, but he's just a non-eater (a "breath-arian" as my mom says).

  • I realize how lame it is to label someone at this age, but Finn will either be a techie or a hairdresser (If we continue with the daily viewings of Mamma Mia, it will be leaning heavily toward hairdresser).

  • Finn has an amazing capacity for repeating the things I say and do. I really need to watch myself because before I know it, "What's the problem?" will be turning into swear words.

Most of all, I have realized that hard work does pay off. Finn is turning out to be a polite, sweet, fun little boy, which is how I'm trying to raise him. Like I said, he is picking up on all the things I say and do, and so much of it is really positive. Increasingly, instead of throwing a tantrum, he ask me to "stop doing that please" (although sometimes he just tries to send ME to MY room). I know I don't always set the best example for him, so every polite act of his just goes to show what a great little guy he is. I try to teach him about positivity and kindness, but I probably learn more than I teach! Anyway, happy birthday Finn!


  1. I Can't believe he is already 3! It has been very cool to watch him grow up these past two years!

  2. Ah, what a sweet mommy blog! :)


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