Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boys will be boys...

Why is it that everytime Finn gets in his sandbox, he takes off his shoes? He then runs all over the backyard in his socks (because Mom is too lazy to put the shoes back on) and gets them totally filthy! Today he also begged me to help him stick fingers down all the antholes in the backyard.

Yesterday we decided to try out the toddler bed for his nap. He never fell asleep, but he also never left the bed. As far as I can tell, he spend the hour and a half kicking his foot against the wall, reading books and playing with his new Toy Story figurines. We got him these figurines yesterday at the Disney Store and that are his new favorite thing! He's been carrying them all over the house. Here he is playing with them:

Anyway, we plan on trying the bed again tomorrow night. It's not so much that I'm eager to get him out of the crib, but I am eager to get the crib out of his room, so we can move some of the toys from the living room into there. Anyway, here's Finn taking a self-portrait:

We took Kinley to the doctor yesterday and she's already at 8 lbs! She was born at 7 lbs, went down to 6 lbs, 11 0z at 3 days, and now she's gone back up to 8! We'd been concerned because she keeps vomiting up entire meals, but the doc said that's probably because she is over-eating. She said I might want to try a pacifier first instead of breastfeeding everytime she wants something to suck on. So far it has worked! No vomit yesterday!

Here's Kinley with her first dolly!:


  1. I can't believe he stayed in his bed! Even if he didn't sleep, the fact that he stayed in is awesome! And way to go Kinley for growing so well!

  2. That's awesome that Finn didn't get out of bed. I guess that means he likes the bed. Good luck with the transition. And Kinley is getting so big. I need to come and see her again soon.

  3. Good luck with the bed!! i have to get the BIG BOY room done for Ethan, we bought him a twin bed.....time to get him out of my bed , although will be sad for me..lol!

  4. cutest doll and cutest girl ever! good job, big brother finn in the big boy bed!


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