Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Scream {Shirt}

If you've ever been to Las Vegas, you know that cruising the shops at the Ceasar's Palace is a must. There are enough high-end shops (the ones I never even dream of setting foot in, like Fendi) to amaze you, but enough regular people shops (like, you know, Sketchers) to actually do some shopping.

While cruising around a couple of weeks ago, I saw this outfit (below) in the window of Kids Kastle. I instantly thought, "I can make that!" So I snapped a picture to remember when I got home.

And here's my version:

I know it's not exactly the same. I was going to do two dips of ice cream, but they seemed like they might weigh the shirt down quite a bit, so we ended up with one.

I made the "ice cream" ball mainly by wrapping a ton of tulle around my hand then sewing it to a felt circle on back. Then I secured it to the shirt by making a ton of little stitches. I'm really afraid of how it's going to wash!

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  1. Ooooohhhhh! Why don't I have a girl? Please, I need a girl! LOL! So cute! maybe one day. . .
    Scissors & Spatulas

  2. Aww--CUTE! What a fun summery shirt. Your little girl looks adorable in that!

  3. Your's is so much cuter than the original! It looks like your little sweetie is enjoying her new outfit!

  4. So so cute!! I'd love for you to link up at Wow Me Wednesdays!

  5. so, I'm not the only one who does that??? lol. You did a great job! Thanks for linkingup!

  6. I love that! So cute!
    Visiting from


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