Monday, October 11, 2010

One Wreath, Two Ways

My friend Kristal made this cutie a few weeks ago with beans, and I've seen a bunch of tutorials on similar topics, so today I made my own out of acorns. I got a foam wreath frame and ribbon from the dollar store and I put my kids to work gathering acorns on Sunday morning. Finn had the great idea to collect the fat little gold balls that were falling from the trees as well, so I put them around the edge. I should go back for more of them though. I think a wreath made entirely of the balls would be really pretty.
I hot-glued on my "found" objects, spray-painted it all white, added some ribbon and viola! a spooky black and white wreath for Halloween. I hung it over my home-made mod-podged "BOO"sign:
Or, with a change of ribbon, a festive fall wreath (paired with my fabric wreath from a few posts ago):

I like both looks, but I suppose I'll keep the spookier version up for Halloween!

I'll be linking up on Wednesday with Tea Rose Home's Wednesday link party!

1 comment:

  1. So very clever and creative! I love it both ways, tho the BOO one seems to catch my eye. Wonderful thinking and doing, kudos!


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