Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Are What You Make: Yo-Yo Tutorial

My friend Wendy came over today and reminded me how simple and fun yo-yo's are to make. They are everywhere in the sewing blogosphere, so there are probably a million tutorials, but I decided to make my own (I like the practice!).
These require NO SEWING MACHINE to make, so they are a great project for when you are just chatting, watching TV or anytime!
First, cute a scrap of fabric in a circle. Wendy let me make copies of her templates, about 3", 4", and 4.5" in diameter:
Next, sew a simple stitch around the edge of the circle of fabric (I know, white thread on white fabric--not a good shot, but you get the idea). I try to sew mine as close to the edge as possible, maybe 1/8" in:

Slightly pull on the thread so that the circle begins to pucker:

Pull until the sides completely fold in and you have a circle. There it is! That's your yo-yo! Make sure and tie a good knot so that your thread doesn't unravel:

You can layer them, put a button on, and use them for a million different things!

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