Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Craft

We are anticipating another major winter storm this week, and I've begun to worry about all the poor cardinals I've been seeing! I decided the time was right for Finn and I to make them some homemade bird feeders in case they can't find anything to eat in all the snow.
You need peanut butter, pine cones, bird seed and ribbon (and a plate for easy clean up) I tie the ribbon on the pine cones first so that my fingers don't get sticky later on.
Cover the pine cones in peanut butter (I bet honey works too).

Roll them around in bird seed. This is the easy part for the kids to do.

And hang outside for the birds to snack on. It helps to tie it high enough that your mischievous dog can't reach it.


  1. what a great idea! We made these once at Roman's birthday party, it was a big hit with the kids! I have another recipe that mixes bird seed with a bit of water and flour, put it inside of a cookie cutter with a straw stuck in near the top and let it dry, then you put a ribbon through the hole that the straw made and hang it up! I think we are going to make some heart for the upcoming valentine holiday, our valentine treats to the birdies. :)

  2. I have been saving milk jugs to make a few bird feeders with Sawyer too. I like your type too, we may have to make them as well :)


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