Thursday, October 22, 2009

Surprise Surprise

I am about 95% sure that McKinley is a lefty.
It started when she was a newborn and she showed a serious preference for her left thumb. Now that she uses utensils (she LOVES to use a fork and spoon. Finn didn't really want to feed himself until he was 2!) she always gingerly holds her them in her left hand as she tries to scoop up food. My case rests with the fact that she scribbles with her left as well.
This is sort of a shock to me. I was expecting a mini-me in all forms from McKinley (we are both Virgo, Libra rising--in fact, everyone in our house has Libra rising. Kismet, huh?). But lefty I am not.
I associate Lefties with a certain mental state. To me, they are more cunning, more artistic. Scott is one, after all. In fact, nearly each generation in both of our extended families has lefties. Genetic? I don't know how that works.
Seeing Kiki as a lefty is requiring me to make a major mental shift. She is not me. She is she and I really don't know who that is yet. But it's so exciting to find out!


  1. SO jealous!!!! I am a lefty and I SOOOOO wanted at least one of my kids to be a lefty. But sigh, alas none of them are. Do you know how hard it is to teach right handed kids to tie shoes, write, or anything else like that when you aren't right handed?!?! I have to make all the kids in my student teaching class go to the regular teacher when they aren't sure how to make a cursive letter, I can't show them how!!

  2. Love the scarf--it's so cute! Thanks for sharing!


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