Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

We had a great Fourth of July. It was very rainy out, but that didn't stop our friend, Melissa and her hubby from bbq-ing. We were afraid that fireworks were cancelled, but the university still put on a show. Although, Finn was rather unimpressed with them and Kinley was sleeping. But, it was still a really good night.
Otherwise, we've been working on potty-training again! It was getting pretty frustrated for awhile, but I sort of pushed through it and I think we're going to stick with it this time (fingers crossed!).


  1. If you have any tips for the potty training PLEASE let me know! I am having trouble too, Ethan was starting to do it and then Aiden was here and he refused. Now I ask him if he wants to and he says he never wants to use the potty! lol Every now and then he will

  2. Glad you guys had a great 4th! Good luck on potty training! Starla still isn't fully trained either, don't feel bad!!


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